Easy Green Screen

This plugin filter is used to remove the green screen from a chroma key image and correct for the green spill.

Unlike most chroma key software, Easy Green Screen will output the a mask in addition to layers for color spill correction and edge shadow blending back into Photoshop. This way, the user can touch up the masks if they want.

Required Photoshop CS3 or higher

Backdrop Creator Pro

This software is used to create digital backdrops for your images. You can easily create thousands of unique backgrounds with this plugin. All of the textures are randomly created so you will never get a duplicate texture.

Version 3.10 Win / Mac

Required Photoshop CS3 or higher

Image Balancer

This plugin filter adjustes white balance, lighting and contrast.

The software is very useful to balance the lighting and color between the foreground and background in a chroma key composition.

Requires Photoshop CS3 or higher


This filter is used to alter and enhance skin tone. Its great for creating a virtual tan. It also works very well to correct skin tone and reduce tonal variation.

It creates a mask so the effect is targeted to just the skin. The mask is exported back into Photoshop so the user can touch it up as needed.

Requires Photoshop CS4 or higher

Glamour Glow

This plugin makes creating glamour effects simple. In addition, Glamour Glow creates very nice Black and White conversions as well as antique images.

The Glamour Glow software also has a powerful matrix batch processor. You can add an unlimited number of effects to an entire folder of images with just a few mouse clicks!

Requires Photoshop CS4 or higher PC or Mac