Easy Green Screen 4 Pro - Beta Release

Easy Green Screen Pro 4 Now has a Free Mode! (Image Size Limitation in Free mode)

Version 4 is a free upgrade for Easy Green Screen Pro license owners. However, we are making some pricing adjustments when the version 4 beta period is over. You may want to grab a license now if you don't have one!

Software Details:
Photoshop Plugin - Version: 3.72 Stable / 4.004 beta (download contains both)
System Requirements: Photoshop CS3 or Higher, 4GB+ RAM recommended
OS Versions: Windows / Mac - All versions
Serial Numbers are emailed instantly on all orders

Easy Green Screen Pro License Sale - License Works with Version 3 and 4!

Sale Ends When the Version 4 Beta Period is over

Current Sale - Easy Green Screen Pro: $199.99   $99.99

Note: The download link is for both the beta version 4.004 and version 3.72

Version 4 New User Interface and Features

New - EGS 4 Pro user guide - See Here

  • Adaptive algorithm: The new algorithm auto calculates all mask channel adjustments. It adapts itself to a wide range of screen conditions to produce the best masks you will get anywhere!
  • Easier Dual Mask: The new dual mask is not more work for the user, it is less work! By using dual mask, Easy Green Screen will automatically clean up the edges and recover foreground areas outside the hair area. The hair area will automatically get maximum hair retention.
  • Refine Edge Smart Radius: Easy Green Screen now works together with Photoshop's smart radius feature (with CS5 and up). This is an optional setting and applies to the hair mask only. The area outside of the hair will use a more crisp and clean edge so both the hair area and non-hair area are optimized.
  • Halo Chop: Get rid of those annoying edge halos which are produced by bright luminance from the green screen.
  • Auto detects screen color: Version 4 will auto detect chroma key screens from 75 - 260 degree and adjust it's extraction accordingly.
  • Foreground recovery: This can be used to recover some green on green (or blue on blue) conditions. While it won't recover when the clothing is exactly the same color as the screen, it can recover quite a lot of green on green conditions.
  • Light Wrap: This has both highlight and shadow modes.
  • Import Backgrounds (currently CS5 and higher): This allows you to add backdrops prior to applying Easy Green Screen. This way you can make adjustments while viewing against the background of your choice.

New "Easy Click" button for great 1 click extractions

We added a new menu item for 1 click extractions. This option SKIPS the user interface. The new adaptive algorithm adapts to each image. Many images can get great looking extraction with a single click!

Tip: Watch Full Screen and change the quality to 1080p to really see the details :)

EGS 4 Preview - Greenish Shirt on Green Screen

It's not always possible to get a perfect green screen extraction when the person is wearing green clothing. However, EGS 4 pushes the capability as far as possible while still maintaining the ability for spill correction. If the green clothing is not a true chroma key green then it is often possible to get the clothing back. Also, this video demonstrates the new Halo Chop feature which cleans up around the edges. The hair is protected from the halo chop by use of the dual mask process.