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If you have any questions regarding our software or need help with an order then feel free to give us a call. We are here to help!

Note: We do not give personal Photoshop training or Easy Green Screen training over the phone. If you have any technical questions regarding Photoshop or our software, then please see the online user manual and tutorial videos. You may also ask questions in the forum. We will answer all questions in the forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your serial number will be emailed immediately to you after purchasing any of our plugins. This is done automatically and you will get it within a minute or two at the longest. If you don't see the email, then check your junk folder to see if your email filtered it (not common).

Easy Green Screen has both 2 computer and 4 computer licensing options available.

Yes, you can install on the same computer as many times as you want and it will only count as 1 computer activated. The installer will require you to enter your serial number for each Photoshop version that you install it on. However, our activation system still only counts it as 1 computer.

You can easily deactivate any of our plugins and use the activation on your new computer. After installed, there will be a View License button in the user interface. From there, there is an option to transfer the activation.

No worries, just contact us and we can retrieve it for you. We just need to know the email that it was purchased with. We can also look it up by your name.

Version 4 is a free upgrade for version 3 license holders. Just use your license key to activate it. If you purchase a version 4 license, you may upgrade to any version 4 revisions. For example, if you purchase version 4.10, you may update it to version 4.11, 4.12, 4.13, etc.

Just download the latest version from the website and install it. If upgrading from an older version, it may ask for your serial number. However, it will not double count your activation as long as it is the same computer that you already have it installed on.

After activation, all sales are final. Please try the software out before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs. All of our plugins can be downloaded and tested prior to purchasing.

The only time we have seen any activation problems is with restricted networks. This is typically with larger companies who restrict employees external internet access. For these cases we can do a manual activation with a special script that is written to activate your specific computer.